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Look at the stars and wonder

I've never been superstitious and won't ever have to be – touch wood . . .

apolloIt's so easy to poke fun at people who won't walk on the cracks in case they fall through, or turn a coin over desperately in their pocket when they look at the new moon.

But sometimes you stumble on something that makes you wonder. The Apollo moon exploration project was the first US space project to take its number of missions beyond 12.

Surely, that couldn't possibly have affected the outcome of the ill-fated Apollo 13 voyage to the moon which so nearly ended in tragedy?

But almost as though the mission directors were cocking a snook at the fates, that spacecraft blasted off at 13:13 from Cape Canaveral.

And the explosion in the module that almost killed the three astronauts? You guessed it, it happened on April 13, 1970.
Just as well then that they all made it back safely to give the lie to the superstitious doomsayers!