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We're all in this together

Of course, we are Mr Cameron. Though, somehow we don't seem to have heard that mantra for a while.
Some of us are more in it than others.
Just consider these two facts that emerged this week.
A new survey by Experian has revealed that 7million adults in Britain are living in dire financial straits, just one unexpected expenditure from disaster.
Some 3.6m households are struggling to feed themselves and their children, have no money in the bank and are unable to cope on incomes that haven't risen in real terms for getting on for a decade.
And these are not families classed as living in poverty, nor are they unemployed. These are working families, often homeowners with no equity, or even negative equity in their homes.
On the very same day that these shocking figures were released it was announced that a 17ft by 10ft beach hut that sits on Mudeford sandspit near Bournemouth in Dorset had been sold for £170,000.Mudeford hut
You might ask yourself how have we allowed society to reach the point where one sector of struggles to earn enough to feed themselves, while another pays more than millions can afford to spend on their home – for a beach hut.
It would be laughable, if it weren't so worrying, for this is something that cannot go on indefinitely.
The backlash against rampant greed is already coming out of the darkness at shareholder meetings with the putsches against remuneration packages for executives seen this summer.
The words, cake and let them eat keep coming to mind.