The Words Agency

What can we do for you?

We provide words for websites, blogs and print publications from newsletters to reports. The Words Agency offers a full range of copywriting, ghost writing, copy and book editing services. We can even prepare that tricky presentation or write that important speech.

Getting your message across

We take what you want to say and make it accessible and easy to understand so that customers know what you do and what gives you
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the edge. We are expert in communicating complicated industrial or business ideas simply and memorably.

Our writers are all experienced journalists with a background in daily newspapers. They are used to catching and holding readers' atttention which means your message will be heard effectively. They are also used to working to very demanding deadlines so projects will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Getting your words right means you make the most of your marketing. It will enhance the company's standing and raise brand awareness.

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We remove the angst and frustration of fretting over a web posting or getting the right content for the company newsletter, thus preventing time being wasted and costs along with it.

Good ideas well expressed add value to a brand, increasing profile and sales. And when a company is launching new products and services it is vital to get your copy right or customers will be confused and less likely to buy.

Don't let your news go stale

The Words Agency has launched a new type of service to maximise the commercial opportunities offered by website news pages.

There is nothing worse for a commercial website than a moribund news section which moulders into limbo Web searchafter two or three postings. To readers the company looks at best unprofessional and at worst defunct.

We will remove that problem of when and what to post on your news page. This web reporting service can be integrated into your PR activities and is based on journalists' nose for news and expertise in telling it. We will identify the stories, write them and update them on whatever timescale is suitable for your needs – whether daily, weekly or at longer intervals – for a set charge.

Turn a problem into an opportunity with this service by boosting your organisation's profile. It will also produce free publicity when your news is picked up by the media and it will help with search engine optimisation. Search engines seek out fresh content – if you don't have any, you suffer.

Are you worried you're missing out on the vast potential of social media?

Customers are interested in your company's thoughts and opinions and a well-written blog offers the chance for them to get to know you.

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We can stop you losing out on the huge opportunities offered by this new trend. We will write the blog you don't have time for and we can also provide compelling profiles and posts on such platforms as Linked In and Facebook.

The big players are already investing significantly in this kind of web presence.
Our service makes it accessible to companies
and organisations with the need and aspiration but without the deep pockets of larger companies.

Get it down in print

Our services stretch across the spectrum from writing and editing newsletters, leaflets and brochures to working with your own staff to edit or write on demand for specific projects such as annual reports. We will turn complex, technical documents into readable and accessible English for a non-technical audience.

rdrOur fast, accurate and efficient service is based on many years of experience in writing and producing magazines and newspapers. We keep text simple and direct for maximum impact, but eliminate the grammatical and contextual errors that undermine credibility and send an expensive publication heading for the waste bin instead of the in tray.

Keeping the costs down

The power of good communication is in the detail of telling people clearly and effectively what you do. It can be a time-consuming task that diverts key personnel from income-generating activities.

We can prevent that time being wasted. We will discuss your needs and agree a price to meet your requirements. And to give budgetary certainty for new-start companies, we are offering packages for print, web, or social media content at a fixed price.

Whatever the need, we will do our best to provide a specific solution.

Communications are expensive. If you neglect the quality of content, that money is wasted. We will make sure that problem is in the past.

Sometimes words have consequences you don't intend them to mean.
– George W. Bush