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Hollywood? Who needs it!

WHAT do you think would be more appealing... sitting alone in a room tapping away endlessly at a keyboard that always just seems to avoid saying what you intend it to say...
Or walking the red carpets of Hollywood, feted by the media and worshipped by fans for your wit, good looks and star quality?
John Gordon SinclairIt might seem a no-brainer, especially to those of us who beat out our daily bread from the keys of computers.
But for one weel-kent face of screen and stage, who straddles this divide between thinking and doing, the answer comes as something of a surprise.
John Gordon Sinclair, star of movies from World War Z to Gregory's Girl is bashing out a new career through the words on the printed page as a crime writer with a growing following and now working on his third book. Asked by one of those at a recent meeting managed by the Words Agency whether he preferred writing or acting, Sinclair replied without a second's hesitation that it was writing.
"I far prefer it. I like to be able to tell the story and decide where it starts and where it's going.
"I suppose it's really about control. I don't have to be told, 'No you can't have a horses coming over the hill in this scene.' It's up to me. I can have a thousand if I want. I don't have to listen to the demands of a budget or the decisions of a producer or director. I can do what I want."
Words...and the creativity they unleash. He's right, that can't be beaten by anything.