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HOW do you get a business message out from a small island on the edge of the Atlantic to investors, enthusiasts and public sector agencies in Britain and around the world?
Tarbert siteTarbert, Harris

That was the problem facing distillery start-up company Isle of Harris Distillers who were setting up one of the most ambitious and exciting new whisky projects seen in Scotland in recent years.
They came to The Words Agency, and the rest, as they say is history.
The Words Agency was able to identify key media outlets to capture the audiences in Scotland, Britain, the US and the Far East to build interest and excitement in what is to be a completely new whisky region of Scotland.
How the distillery will lookHow the distillery will look
Moreover, we were able to generate interest and coverage not only on the back of this "first", but also by underlining the individuality of the company's concept of creating a "Social Distillery" that would benefit its local community economically and socially in a way that is highly unusual for a commercial business.
A number of well-placed articles helped with the fundraising drive in public and private sectors that raised £10m and the new distillery was officially launched earlier this year to a supportive reception among media outlets in Scotland, London, and the US.
Construction of the distillery has begun and it is even possible to buy your first dram of "The Hearach" as the Isle of Harris Distillers single malt is called, by ordering up a cask.
The only problem is, you will have to wait for eight years until it has matured into the unique and very high quality product the company aims to produce. But what a delightful prospect to look forward to!
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